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Same Day Crowns

Modern dentistry has evolved and technology has made having a crown placed in one appointment vs multiple appointments for traditional crowns. Using digital imagery, a 3D virtual model is taken of the tooth and the computer designs a crown to fit the 3D model. After the crown is designed, a milling machine shapes and forms a crown out of a block of ceramic or other materials. The crown is then placed in a high temperature oven to sinter the crown to its final shape. It is then polished and is ready to be placed onto the tooth. The appointment takes about an hour. Some of the advantages of same day crowns are that only one appointment is needed. Also the hassle of temporary crowns is avoided. They also fit very well and look great. Since they are designed by computers and milled on a milling unit, much of the human error is reduced, as opposed to making a crown traditionally. Same day crowns are great option for most cases. Sometimes crowns may still need to be made traditionally due to the limitations of computers.

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